Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deer Hunt

My second hunt of the season this year was for deer. I was prepared to hunt long and hard for a four point this year. I was ready to hike and hike and hike! While my dad and I did a little hiking, we ended up getting a four point the first morning. My dad says it's his guiding abilities, and I say it's mostly my skills. We'll say it's a lot of both! We actually ended up getting my deer the same morning my brother got his cow elk. What a morning! Kyle was on his way up that morning to join us for the hunt. He ended up missing both the deer and elk hunt, but we were able to detour to my grandma's house and hang out there for a bit instead.  So the synopsis for hunting season 2012 is that I filled out on both my antelope and deer. It is always bittersweet though, because hunting season is now over for me, and I have to wait until next year. Thanks Dad for another great season! Until then, check out my four point and some other pictures from the hunt!

Taking a picture with the timer and setting it on the backpack...turned out a bit blurry.

Garrett and Kyle messing around at Grandma's...check out that view.

Garrett's cow elk

Me and Grandma

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