Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deer Hunt

My second hunt of the season this year was for deer. I was prepared to hunt long and hard for a four point this year. I was ready to hike and hike and hike! While my dad and I did a little hiking, we ended up getting a four point the first morning. My dad says it's his guiding abilities, and I say it's mostly my skills. We'll say it's a lot of both! We actually ended up getting my deer the same morning my brother got his cow elk. What a morning! Kyle was on his way up that morning to join us for the hunt. He ended up missing both the deer and elk hunt, but we were able to detour to my grandma's house and hang out there for a bit instead.  So the synopsis for hunting season 2012 is that I filled out on both my antelope and deer. It is always bittersweet though, because hunting season is now over for me, and I have to wait until next year. Thanks Dad for another great season! Until then, check out my four point and some other pictures from the hunt!

Taking a picture with the timer and setting it on the backpack...turned out a bit blurry.

Garrett and Kyle messing around at Grandma's...check out that view.

Garrett's cow elk

Me and Grandma

Monday, October 1, 2012

S'more Camping!

Kyle and I and some friends were able to get out camping again this year over Labor Day weekend in Flagstaff. It was a blast. We enjoyed having friends with us this time and had some good times around the camp fire. Macy also had two other dogs to play around with. We were able to do some shooting, hiking, and rock climbing (or in my case watching others rock climb!). The s'mores were delicious as usual! Maybe we can go again soon before it gets too cold! Anyone?...

The flowers were in bloom all over the place again!


Kyle rock climbing.

View of where we did the rock climbing

We found an even better spot than last time...check out the setup.

Liz, Lauren, and I relaxing by the fire.
Some more relaxing...
The puppies weren't too fond of the loud noises during shooting - they needed extra protection!

Macy attemping to retrieve her stick without getting too wet.

Such a nice break from everyday life

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Antelope Hunt 2012

Hunting season has officially begun! I drew out for antelope and deer this season. Two weekends ago, I went with my dad and brother-in-law into northern Nevada to start the hunt. We camped in the middle of a hot, dusty nowhere and went into Battle Mountain, NV everyday to get ice and gas. Battle Mountain isn't even technically a municipality in NV, but it has a Maverick gas station - all you need to be a true city in my eyes.

Our hunt on the second fastest land animal in the world was an adventure! Pronghorn antelope are only second to the cheetah and have been clocked at a top speed of 61 mph. Unfortunately, we witnessed these animals kick up the speed plenty of times. Check out the video of the antelope keeping pace with the truck at about 35 mph. Crazy stuff! Oh, I did get my antelope also!

My antelope

Welcome to BM


The campsite...and Dad in the background

The view from our campsite - yep middle of nowhere

Thunderstorm moving in - kept us up almost all night

Here is the video of the antelope keeping top speed with the truck. Most of the time, they will parallel the truck and then run right in front of it - not sure why! We were so focused on the antelope that we flew into a puddle without realizing it -haha, good times.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So I put up a hummingbird feeder a month or so ago. My grandma used to have one of these...my love of hummingbirds must be a mix of nostalgia and fascination. I didn't really expect much and wasn't sure if the hummingbirds would even be able to find the feeder. Fortunately, we have had tons of hummingbirds outside our window. They are amazing, and I love watching them hover and fly off in a buzz. The best part is gettng a glimpse of them sitting still for a few seconds on the perches of the feeder. The other day, this one hummingbird sat still for such a long time. He got a drink and then sat on top of the light for about five minutes!! It was the coolest thing and something I haven't seen before. We were able to get a picture even though the blinds were in the way...we didn't want to scare it away! Check out the hummingbird at the top of the light.